Professional Lawn Care Association of America

New York State Turfgrass Association

Nassau/Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Suffolk County Consumer Affairs

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Pesticide Emergency Phone Numbers
Pesticides Spill and Accidents: Chemtrac 1.800.424.9300
Pesticide and Information Emergencies -
National Pesticide Telecom Network
Report Oil and Hazardous Material Spills - NY DEC 1.800.457.7362
Information on Symptoms and Treatment - Poison Control
Western Suffolk, NY 1.800.888.7655
Finger Lakes Region 1.800.333.0542
Central, NY 1.800.888.7655
Eastern, NY 1.800.336.6997
New York City 1.212.340.4494
Long Island 1.516.542.2323
Agricultural Nurse Program
Central, NY 1.800.343.7527
Eastern, NY 1.518.436.5511
Western, NY 1.800.388.6536