Lawn Care


Weed controls, grub controls and fungicides will be used on an as needed basis to greatly reduce
the amount of pesticides being applied to your property with sacrificing the quality of your lawn care.

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Early Spring

Complete balanced fertilization with iron and micro nutrients to promote healthy spring growth and color. Pre-emergent crabgrass control to stop crabgrass before it geminates for season long control. Broad leaf weed control will be used on an as needed basis to control dandelion, clover and over 60 other broad leaf weeds.

Late Spring

A complete balanced fertilization with iron and micro nutrients formulated to maintain health green color and prepare your lawn for the hot summer months ahead. Surface insect control to help control cinch bugs, sod webworms and many other surface damaging insects (fleas, tick and ants will also be controlled with this application but may need subsequent treatment with heavy infestation) Broad leaf weeks will be treated on an as needed basis.


Slow release balanced fertilization to help maintain your lawn through the hot summer months.

Early Fall

A complete balanced fertilization with iron and micro nutrients formulated to help your lawn recover from the stresses of the hot summer. Broad leaf weeds will be treated on an as need basis. Insecticide for subsurface insects such as grub will be used on an as needed basis.

Late Fall

A complete balanced winterizing fertilization formulated for root growth and early spring green-up. This application greatly influences performance of the turn during the next growing season.


Lime sweetens the soil maintaining the correct soil pH which allows for the most efficient use of applied materials and soil stored nutrients. Optimal soil pH is a major factor in nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure and overall turf vigor. This allows us to reduce the amount products and pesticides applied to your property while maintaining a high quality Lawn.

Optional Services

Core Aeration and Seeding

Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to more readily reach the root zone by relieving compacted soil and opening up the thatch layer. It also stimulates new growth improves drainage, provides excellent preparation for overseeding and increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers and control products. We use only the highest quality seed when overseeding. (Done Labor Day through October)

Fungicide/Micronutrient Package

2 applications of a broad spectrum fungicide with a complex micronutrient product to help reduce pressure from Dollar Spot, Red Thread, Leaf Spot and several other common lawn disease problems as well as improving color, density and root growth in your lawn. (Applied mid Spring and mid Summer)

Preventative Grub Control

Preventative control for root damaging white grubs (Applied late Spring to early Summer)

Bentgrass Removal

Bentgrass is a common grass found in many lawns that can be very unsightly and unwanted. 3 applications of Tenacity Herbicide can drastically reduce the amount of Bentgrass and be ready for immediate overseeding. (Applied over a 4 to 5 week period in August and September)

Corrective Lime Treatment

Although we apply a maintenance level of lime as part of our standard program, sometimes lawns need a heavy application of lime to correct soil ph that is very low. See benefits above.

Soil Conditioner for water saturated soils

Helps reduce compaction, improves drainage and helps control water in saturated areas. This can be applied over the top however its best when applied in conjunction with core aeration.

Aqua-ca + Humic acid

Humic acid with soil wetting agent to promote better drainage, more efficient irrigation and reduces runoff.

Humic acid

Essential Carbon source to stimulate and improve soil microbiology, increases uptake of N and P, increases root growth, and promotes aggressive seedling turf

Activated Humic/Fulvic Acid,30% Solu-Cal Soluble Calcium,9% Plant Based Organic Acid.



All lawns should have an occasional application of Gypsum. Gypsum helps alleviate salt build up in lawns from years of fertilization. Fertilizers inherently have high levels salt and after years of treatments the high salt levels can cause lawns to stress more easily during heat and drought. Also if you live on the shore and your lawn has been flooded or gets sea spray on it on a regular basis you should also consider a corrective Gypsum treatment.