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Welcome to GREENTURF

Spring is here and we would like to thank all of our customers new and current for your business. Your choice to use GreenTurf for your lawn care needs is greatly appreciated. We will provide you with the highest quality lawn care possible. We are just a phone call or email away for all your needs. Thank you again for your business


The Staff at GreenTurf

2015 Drought and Your Lawn

This season we are experiencing an abundance of weeds, crabgrass, nutsedge and browned out areas.

The reasons for this have been caused by the perfect storm for lawns.

First we had a late winter that did not want to quit resulting in lawns emerging from dormancy, significantly later than normal.

Then we entered a moderate to severe drought from late March through August receiving no rain in April, May and June and then only a pop up thunderstorm since.

Normally we receive abundant rain fall in March and April making lawns plush, and keeping the pre-emergent for weeds and crabgrass well-watered in.

Because of cooler than normal weather, most were not watering in April and with the drought well underway, the effectiveness of the pre- emergent controls were diminished.

We are doing what we can to spray as much of the weeds as possible, and most browned out areas will recover as rainfall returns.


ALL Lawn Care results are 100% Dependent on proper water conditions from Mother Nature and from irrigation systems.

Too much rain, too little rain, constant drizzle and fog. Severe drought Shallow and frequent irrigation, constant daily irrigation, broken heads, malfunctioning rain sensors and watering the same in sun and shade ALL CONTRIBUTE TO POOR RESULTS.

Too much water leads to fungus problems and rotting of plants. Too little water leads to drought stress, drought damage and disease prone plants.

We can't control Mother Nature but we can control our irrigation systems. They should be adjusted regularly to match what the weather is doing. You CAN NOT "SET IT AND FORGET IT"

For best results follow our GREENTURF WATER GUIDE. This guide is a baseline for average conditions and must be adjusted according to local soil conditions and weather.

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Attention Pools Owners!!!

We have been receiving numerous complaints from our valued customers (coming from pool companies) that we have been getting Phosphorous from our fertilizers in pools. First of all our fertilizers have not had phosphorous in them for 10 years now (NYS LAW) and secondly our trained technicians use trim guards and stay well away from all open pools. It is impossible for phosphorous to come from our products since it's not in them. If your pool service insists it came from us it might be time for a new pool service. Have A great Summer and see you soon.

The Staff at GreenTurf

5 Complete balanced granular fertilizations

Pre-emergent crabgrass control

Broadleaf weed control, Surface insecticide, Lime,

Grubs, weeds and fungus treated as needed

Service calls are always free

and will be done within 2 days

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Core Aeration and Seeding

Fungicide/Micronutrient Package

Preventative Grub Control

Bentgrass Removal

Corrective Lime Treatment

Soil Conditioner for water saturated soils

Gypsum for Salt reduction in soils

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